Sunday, March 13, 2011

2010 January to June

Been a year since last update, and now it’s time to show you people out there what I’ve been doing all this time.
After the midway test I worked a lot on a bachelor project for the 07 year, “Last Fall”. I animated 9 scenes in total for the film. The project is now done and can be seen on the Animation Workshop site.

It’s recommended to watch the film first so you won’t get any spoilers. My shots are shown on the following link:

While doing animation for the bachelor project, I did only a few assignments we were given. One of the projects was the quadruped project. Animators and CG’s worked together to make a four-legged creature, and we were responsible for rig testing and animating.

Here is a dialogue scene. Voice taken from Warcraft 3.

March 2010, I was a part of “The Danish Academy for Digital Interactive Entertainment” (DADIU – in Danish) game project for a month. Here students from all over Denmark gathered to make small indie games. Directors, projectmanagers, animators, computer graphic artists, designers, programmers, sound designers, game mechanics and level designers gathered into 6 groups to make games. I was in one of the smallest groups (10 people) and I was the only animator in that group. I started out doing concept art after the directions from the director, Troels Cederholm. I continued to help out the CGartist (Blake Overgaard) modeling simple pieces for the levels and UV’mapped and textured some. Rigs were tested, animations were made and added into our game enging, Unity.
It was a great project to work on, and the people were very nice and did all they could to get the best result. And result we got! The game entered PAX10 (Penny Arcade Expo 2010) in September.

And of course the 5 days exam:

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